Vision System


The integration of vision systems has been for ADAT the natural evolution of automation applications for twenty years now. This guarantees a global approach to vision problems, which distinguishes us from what can be found in those who come from university or “software oriented” environments: we are firmly convinced that, in order to master issues related to industrial systems, it is necessary to be able to deal with problems of physics, mechanics, global management of the production process, passing only later to those specific to vision. In this way it is possible for us to offer the customer a solution that fully meets their needs, even in cases where, in response to the request for implementation of a vision system, this technology does not prove to be the most suitable for solving the specific problem or there are others, more efficient. The creation of an internal laboratory through which to experiment the different optical and lighting solutions, in addition to teamwork with Vision Equipment and Longvision, allow us to range at 360 ° both in optical and software solutions.


  • vision systems
  • industrial vision systems
  • artificial vision system
  • robot driving vision systems
  • optical inspection system (s)

Case History