Industrial Automation


Automation solutions created for Industry 4.0 and beyond

ADAT has created dozens of systems in transversal sectors in thirty years: field applications for industry, agriculture and medicine. The research is based on the continuous study of the dynamics relating to the various technologies available on the market.
The accumulated experience, combined with the organizational and mental flexibility of the team, has made it possible to exploit well-known solutions in a particular sector, to develop others in different areas: ADAT’s activity is in fact aligned with the principles of systematic innovation.
Development of automatic systems in all their functional aspects, hardware and software, having the ability to analyze the specific situation with considerable experience across the application fields and to use robotic systems, artificial vision, intelligence and software in synergy in multiple platforms.
In practice:
The ultimate goal is to find the best operating principle, often not even known to the customer.
The global vision and the ability to thoroughly evaluate every single aspect of the production cycle open up great possibilities for cost optimization.


  • industrial automation
  • robotic machines
  • industrial machinery construction
  • automated plant
  • industrial machinery builders
  • industrial machinery construction
  • assembly machines
  • machines for assembly
  • automated systems
  • customized industrial solutions
  • assembly/assembly line (s)
  • inspection system (s)
  • robotic sandblasting
  • flexible feeding system (s)
  • optical inspection system (s)
  • sintered press unloading automation (s)

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