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The greatest potential of the ADAT group lies in the variety of skills, experiences and cultures that compose it. We are convinced that the development of an automation is only minimally expressed in the construction phase. Before doing it is very important to understand what it is to really do, and sometimes even what not to do.

We can accompany you from the moment you decide to improve your production system, both by optimizing costs and maximizing quality control, searching together for the best solution, up to the study and realization of the final product. The customer informs us about his specific problems by drawing his expectations to the best and we develop the best "tailor made" solution on this basis.

Decades of skills ranging from mechanical, electrical, electronic, robotics, artificial vision, sensors of all kinds, accompanied by software development skills ranging from PLC programming, PC and robot, up to the highest levels of applications based on artificial intelligence, allow us to tackle any automation problem with maximum efficiency, without limits or forcing.

Having worked for decades with structures ranging from small Italian artisans to large multinational groups in different parts of the world, we know how to deal with problems in various operational contexts.

We are convinced that there are many companies capable of developing automations, but few that do consider the main objective is to achieve the maximum pay-back for the customer. ADAT ALWAYS does it. In every project we develop there is a maniacal search for optimization and maximum use of all the know-how to achieve the only goal: pay-back.

To obtain extraordinary results it is necessary to follow non-ordinary rules.